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A few words...
AdvancedRM is a Network Monitoring Utility for every SNMP enabled device in your network. You are able to monitor any interface of any router, PC, switch, NAS etc that has SNMP activated. Moreover it is a free, small and lightweight program that does not waste your system resources.

You can run AdvancedRM from everywhere in your system without the need of instalation. The program runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Linux with Wine pre-installed.

Key features

1. You can select which interface you want to monitor. Actually you can monitor multiple interfaces, since the program gives you the ability to monitor many SNMP-enabled devices and any of their interfaces.

2. Small semi-trasnparent window (depending on how many interfaces you monitor). You can select the transparency, size and colors of your main window and sensors.

3. You can monitor activity even every 1 second. You also have the option to either use SNMP device time or the Windows timer.

4. Logging of the sensor(s) to either comma delimited text files or syslog server. Save in log files the activity of the interfaces and use them for calculations. You can store one file for all sensors, one file per sensor or send them to a syslog server. You can repeat the log procedure from every 1 second to every one hour.

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